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April 4, 2021: Sun & Air / Son & Heir --> 10
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"We can all work on our spells and compare them when we get together again." Lex said decisively.

"What makes you think that you're in charge, little boy?" Erica asked disgustedly.

Without a word, Lex began to grow until he was just a bit taller than she was.

"If you have a better idea, I'll be happy to listen to it. If not, this is a way of getting everything done and getting the grade." Lex said in his considerably more mature voice.

The bell rang before Erica could think of a way to respond.

Lex immediately shrank back down to Lucky's size and quickly asked, "What do we have next?"

After a moment of perusing the schedules, Lucky announced, "Basic magic with Mrs. Cualla."

"C'mon, I can't wait."

Parvenu: Book 5 - Son & Heir, Chapter 10, has been posted in the Brynnhollow section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM

March 28, 2021: New Chapter Announcement:
Posted by MultiMapper


"So what are we supposed to do next?" Lex asked uncertainly.

"If you're interested, I could make the change to your records to reflect that both of you are in the 'Witchcraft' specialty, under my direct supervision." Professor Sondheim said with a serene smile.

There was a long moment of uncomfortable silence before Lex realized that she was waiting for a response.

"Yeah, I mean, yes, thank you. I think that we'd both like a chance to try things out and decide what we want to do." Lex said quickly.

"Is that how you feel, Lucky?" Professor Sondheim asked curiously.

"It sounds like what I was going to do anyway, but it'll be nice if Lex can go with me and won't get stuffed into classes that make him be like regular witches. If he's an elemental, then he can probably do things that other witches can't. But he won't want to if he's trained to be just like them." Lucky said seriously.

"You're very insightful for someone so young." Professor Sondheim said cautiously.

"I just know what it feels like when someone tries to make you be like everyone else when you're not. I don't want that for me or for Lex either."

"So, when we've figured out what we want to do, should we come back here to you and let you know?" Lex asked cautiously.

"Yes. I think I'd like that very much." Professor Sondheim said with the beginning of a smile, then she added, "Whatever you decide, be prepared to defend your decisions."

"Yeah. I think I'd like that too." Lex said with a little surprise at the admission.

Lucky nodded his agreement to the arrangement.

Parvenu: Book 5 - Son & Heir, Chapter 9, has been posted in the Brynnhollow section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM