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June 20, 2021: Parvenu: Son & Heir --> 15
Posted by MultiMapper


"What does that leave for me to do?" G asked cautiously.

"You could feed wood into the boiler." D suggested.

"Can't you do that with your magic?" G asked uncertainly.

"I can. But if you don't have anything else to do, it would be a way to pass the time." D said frankly.

"Or..." Paul interjected, " could help me and Lex brainstorm his clothing enchantment. To do this right, we're probably going to need one person to be dedicated to the illusion." Paul said seriously.

"He's right. Even though I can do the illusion myself, I might not be able to do my best work while I'm also concentrating on making the charms." Lex reluctantly admitted.

"Good. Now that that's settled, let's head out!" D said cheerfully.

The boys looked at each other, silently asking if there was anything more that any of them needed to do before they left.

Lucky was the first one to move, but his action prompted the others to immediately follow.

Parvenu: Book 5 - Son & Heir, Chapter 15, has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM

May 30, 2021: Parvenu: Sun & Air -->14
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"...I doubt that all of us together at peak magic could do anything to harm it. The closest we can come to destroying it is to leave it where it is and forget about it." Paul said firmly.

"I guess, since we don't know what it is, that we can probably forget it really easily." G said uncertainly.

"Do you think you could put a locking spell on the box so that someone can't come back in here and open it later?" Paul asked anxiously.

"I can. But a lock on a cardboard box is going to be strange for any mundane person who tries to open it and can't." G cautioned.

"I'm guessing that if a mundane person makes it this far into our house, he's already seen stranger things than a box that won't open." Paul said frankly.

"Well, since you seem so freaked out by it, I'll go ahead and put the super-duper lock on it that even Nazzy doesn't know how to crack." G said before enacting his spell.

Once the spell was complete, Paul wilted with relief and quietly said, "Now promise me that if I come to you later and ask, that you won't release the lock for me. I need to know without a doubt that it's completely out of my reach."

"Yeah. I won't open it and I doubt that Dad could crack this lock, either. You'd probably have to have someone who's at least at a senior professor level to get past it." G said seriously.

"Good." Paul said as he walked to G and engulfed him in a hug born from the need for comfort, more than passion.

Parvenu: Book 5 - Son & Heir, Chapter 14, has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM

May 16, 2021: Parvenu: Son & Heir --> 13
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"Zah Zah and Zephyr can't leave the classroom with us." Lucky said quietly.

"Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding me. I'm going to have to get used to that." Lex said seriously, then turned to Zephyr and regretfully said, "I'm going to have to let you go for now, but I'll call you back as soon as I get home."

The little horse leapt off his shoulder in slow motion, then began to slowly gallop away as he dissipated.

"Now that you can call on your water, you can bring him back up whenever you want." Lucky said happily.

"Maybe. I might need for you to show me that spell a few more times before I can do it on my own. It's so different, I'm not sure that I can remember it all."

"The water will remember most of it for you. It just has to know what you want to do and it'll help you try to do it." Lucky said with certainty.

Lex shared a concerned look with Mr. Howlen before hurrying to fall in step with Lucky so that they could meet up with G at the classroom door.

Parvenu: Book 5 - Sun & Air, Chapter 13, has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM

May 2, 2021: Parvenu: Sun & Air -->12
Posted by MultiMapper


"Well, you're right about one thing. Something's wrong with Zah Zah. If you make her our project, we can get a grade for it and have the time and tools and library and stuff to do it right." Lex said seriously.

"And if I don't?" Mr. Howlen cautiously asked.

"I guess we'll work on some stupid book work thing that none of us really cares about so we can get grades to prove that we can take tests and memorize answers." Lex said frankly.

"Maybe it won't be as bad as you're thinking." Mr. Howlen hesitantly offered.

"And since we won't be doing anything to fix Zah Zah, we'll let you babysit her on the weekends, to give Lucky a break from always having to take care of her." Lex said with a teasing grin.

After a moment to consider, Mr. Howlen slowly said, "If we do this, it will almost certainly stray outside the confines of the Sorcery discipline."

Parvenu: Book 5 - Sun & Air, Chapter 12, has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM

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