The Challenge of Ate

The Challenge

From:  "DB" <daasbuffy@y...>
Date:  Mon Oct 25, 2004  12:50 am
Subject:  Challenge Time!

I read a myth that stated that Ate: The Goddess of Drunken and
Destructive Insainity was the result of Zeus raping Eris.
Now here's a thought; what if Ate was a twin or Zeus raped Eris more
than once?

Now here's the challenge:
What is the relationship between Ate and Strife?
Do they know who their father is?
Does Eris raised them or does Ares?

And a must is the Ate brings Cupid together with Strife by making
Physche reveal her crimes against her marriage in the same way that
Ate made Zeus reveal Hercules coming birth to Hera.
Then Strife working with Ate help Ares find happiness and true love
and all that mushiness with Joxer.

I look forward to reading the stories.

That's if anyone is brave enough to take it up!