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May 1, 2022: The Shadow of a Soul >>> 19 - Albeit Regret
Posted by MultiMapper


"Well, I guess instead of standing around talking, I should probably be packing for the trip tomorrow."

"Would you like some help?" Derek cautiously asked.

"No thank you. I fell for that one last night." Pat said with a smirk.

"I thought you said that it never happened." Derek said with a teasing smile at her.

"Regardless, it won't happen again." Pat said firmly.

"Got it. I'll just go gather my things, then check in on the boys." Derek said quietly.

"You do that." Pat said before starting upstairs.

Derek shook his head as he mounted the stairs, much more slowly than his ex-wife.

The Shadow of a Soul, Chapter 19, Has been posted in the 'Fiction' story section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy -MM

April 10, 2022: Shadeside pt 6 >> 26
Posted by MultiMapper


"So Devin's new identity is all set up?" Blake asked with surprise.

"That's right. And I suppose that we should all get into the habit of calling him by his new name."

"What's that?" Ernie asked as he smiled at the teenage werewolf rolled onto his back, begging for belly rubs.

"From here on out we're going to call him Beau, which is short for Beauregard Jonathan Geisel."

Shadeside, Part 6: Chapter 26, Has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' story section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! -MM

February 20, 2022: BH-8 >>> 2
Posted by MultiMapper


"Agent Roberts, Queen Marimba sent word to Mason that you would be needing a ride into Brynnhollow today. You didn't have to wait too long, did you?" A young man asked pleasantly from a horse-drawn carriage as it slowed to a stop in front of them.

"No. Not at all. You're right on time." Agent Roberts said with surprise, then thought to add, "Rocky, I'd like for you to meet Michael..."

"Call me Bastyan."

Brynnhollow: Book 8 - Cascade, Chapter 2, Has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' section for your reading pleasure. Enjoy! -MM

January 23, 2022: Sun & Air --> 23
Posted by MultiMapper


Without any indication of effort, concentration, or even a spell being cast, the cat-like creature bounded out into the open.

"We're going to go do something fun and I thought that you might like to go with us." Lucky said hopefully.

Zah Zah looked around suspiciously. When she spotted Zephyr, she growled a snarling hiss in his direction.

Zephyr turned his head and his eyes briefly glowed red. Without blinking, he slowly exhaled a foul green fog back at the pseudo-cat/demon.

"Play nice, you two." Paul said with a smile.

"They are playing nice. Nobody's died yet." Lucky said frankly.

"He's got a point." Lex said supportively.

Parvenu: Book 5 - Sun & Air, Chapter 23, Has been posted in the 'Brynnhollow' section for you reading pleasure. Enjoy! -MM

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