New Hope

New Hope

By MultiMapper

2002-2019 by MultiMapper and CSU Productions
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Continuity Note:

For those of you following the events in the CSU, Universe Alpha-7 refers to one of the seven universes that fell away from the main "Prime" universe during the fight with Axon.

For those of you who haven't been following... never mind. It doesn't matter.

Seriously! From this point forward, NOTHING that happens in any other story or any other universe will have anything to do with this one. This is a totally alternate universe.

Frontier Chapters 1 thru 29 are exactly the same as the CSU version of Frontier. Then they open the box and...

The New Frontier. ...the box is empty. An alternate timeline starts at chapter 30, following chapter 29 of Frontier. The CSU and UA7 stories branch in different directions from that point and, although they share a common history, events in one story have no affect on the other one.

The Opposite Heaven. This starts with Chapter 36. Up to now, our friends have been living in an alternate timeline, unaware that anything was out of the ordinary. But then, a funny thing happened back on Earth. All hell broke loose. And that's not all that broke loose. This is the point where the 'Alternate' universe became detached from the 'trunk' and became it's own, independent universe with its own unique history.

The Reflection of Home This starts with Chapter 43. After all the adventures that have taken place since Frontier, Chapter 1, the Yorktown finally returns to Earth... but not necessarily the Earth they remember.

Blue Alert! Starts with chapter 52. Vincent is back on the Yorktown, although his homecoming isn't everything he imagined it would be.

musubi Starts with chapter 55. A new day and a new universe. This is getting old.

Side Stories:

New Hope is the story of what happened to our friends at the New Hope colony after the Yorktown left. The story follows the events that happened in UA7:The New Frontier, Chapter 35.

Pioneer is a side story in the Alpha 7 universe. In relation to the other stories, this starts in the April following Vincent's promotion to ensign and his Vulcan mission(UA7:51).

Series: Universe Alpha 7