Clan Short Universe

These are stories set in the Clan Short Universe (CSU). If you don't know what that means, then you might want to visit AC's Corner Cafe and read Memories, part 1.

Please be aware that these stories may contain some disturbing subject matter, allusions to illegal actions and general naughty language but nothing terribly graphic. These stories are about people dealing with personal challenges and personal relationships.

MultiMapper's CSU Stories

  • 'One Door Closes' - [COMPLETE] Follows 'Memories', part 1 at The Corner Cafe
  • 'A New Door Opens' - Follows immediately after 'One Door Closes'
  • 'Camp Little Eagle' - Follows 'One Door Closes' chapter 29
  • 'Frontier' - Follows Vincent on the Sunday after 'One Door Closes'
  • 'Universe Alpha-7: The New Frontier' - is an alternate timeline that springs into existance following the events of 'Frontier', chapter 29
  • 'Okudai Vignettes' - Follows the Okudai after the events in 'Frontier', Chapter 30
  • 'Valentine' - [COMPLETE] Runs separately from the other stories, but in the same general time frame.