This is my little collection of stories that include some stories related to the Clan Short Universe, a variety of FanFiction works and even a few completely original pieces. Please be aware that some of the stories may include same-gender adult situations and naughty language. If you're not offended by such things, please come in and enjoy.

"How much farther is it?" Agent Roberts asked cautiously.

"Just around this bend and over a rise." Nancy said simply.

"Are there any wild animals that live in these woods that I should know about?" Agent Roberts asked as he looked around.

"Every now and then you'll hear something moving through the woods or baying at the moon in the distance, but as far as I recall, no one's had any problem with wild animals in the past thirty years or so. Left to themselves, the wildlife seem to keep their numbers in check." Nancy said pleasantly, then quickly added, "There it is!"

Brynnhollow: Book 6 - Southseid, Chapter 2, has been posted in the Halloween area of the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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"How long do you think the treatment will take?" Agent Roberts asked cautiously.

"Weeks... Months, maybe. We'll just have to keep monitoring his cellular viability and absorption rates."

"So I guess having him back to normal and ready to leave with me in the morning is a little too much to ask."

"That's never going to happen. Whether he ends up being a werewolf, a dhampir or something we've never encountered before, the one thing that's certain is that he can never go back to his old life."

Shadeside, Chapter 24, has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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Parvenu Previously:

"You don't have a cell phone? Good God! How do you even function?!"

"I don't know. Magic maybe." Paul said with a roll of his eyes.

"G, I'll text you Lennox's number when I get back to my office. Maybe you can call him in the morning."

"Thanks Dad." G said with a smile.

"As for you Paul, expect to be receiving a cell phone sometime very soon."

Paul shrugged, then slowly said, "Okay."

"Lucky, do you have a cell phone?"


"You will before you leave."

Parvenu 3: Otherland, Chapter 15, has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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