This is my little collection of stories that include some stories related to the Clan Short Universe, a variety of FanFiction works and even a few completely original pieces. Please be aware that some of the stories may include same-gender adult situations and naughty language. If you're not offended by such things, please come in and enjoy.

The Son of VoyagerPreviously:

"We'll be out of this in five..." Bey called out.

"All hands... prepare for minimal power use." Janeway announced.


"You might want to grab onto something, Dad. This could get bumpy." Paris warned.


"Father, please secure yourself." Kim said seriously.


"Prepare to shut down all non-essential systems."


The Son of Voyager - Chapter 21 have been posted for your reading pleasure in the FanFiction section.

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UA7:Pioneer Previously:

"Excuse me, but I am intrigued by one point you made. You said that equality exists at the lowest common denominator. Could you, perhaps, provide some supporting evidence for that claim?" Xon asked cautiously.

"Cattle being led to the slaughter are all equal. No individual is better or worse than another. In a forest of trees it doesn't matter if one tree is centuries old or if another is barely more than a sapling. When that forest is clear cut, they're all just wood. When everyone is equal, they're seen as having only the value of what they have in common. In our case, we're all meat." Hart finished gravely.

"I'm not." Rocky immediately interjected.

"Except Rocky." Hart conceded with a smile down at him.

Universe Alpha 7: Pioneer, Chapter 6, has been posted in the CSU section for you reading pleasure.

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We've done our best not to touch anything here. I think the scene is as pristine as you could want. I asked Cherish and Bellamy to do a careful sweep of the area where you captured Devin, there shouldn't be anything left there to incriminate anyone when they're done."

"Those are the people who helped Lane and Duran catch Devin." Kevin said to Agent Roberts in a low voice.

"So, is there anything else that you need to do before I call in the reinforcements?" Agent Roberts asked Bruce carefully.

"Not that I can think of. My people should be mostly gone by now and the last of them will be out of here before your reinforcements arrive."

"All that's left is to go back to the park entrance and set everything into motion." Kevin quietly added.

Agent Roberts scanned around the gruesome clearing one last time with his flashlight before indicating that he was ready to go.

Shadeside, Chapter 25, has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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