This is my little collection of stories that include some stories related to the Clan Short Universe, a variety of FanFiction works and even a few completely original pieces. Please be aware that some of the stories may include same-gender adult situations and naughty language. If you're not offended by such things, please come in and enjoy.

Parvenu Previously:

"Mrs. Bright, I hope we didn't step on your toes too much, making these decisions without your input." Professor Ortega said carefully.

"If I had any objection I would have told you." Marsha assured him, then continued, "Although I normally see to scheduling the academic studies of all the students, in a special case such as this, I'm happy to see that you're making decisions based on what's best for the individual when his needs are outside of my field of expertise."

A long moment of silence followed, which was broken by D saying, "Well, if there's nothing else, I think I'm ready to go home and relax for a while."

Paul looked around the room to see if anyone were going to object, but instead found everyone getting up from their chairs.

"Marsha, thank you for arranging everything for us. I appreciate all that you do." D said to her with a smile.

"Thank you." Marsha said and smiled in return.

Parvenu 3: Otherland, Chapter 14, has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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"It looks like you're getting good with those Legos, Jody." Wil said as he looked at the structure Jody was building.

"Zeb's helping me!" Jody said happily.

"Could you use some more help?" Wil asked with a smile.

"Sure! I got lots and lots of Legos." Jody said eagerly.

Cliff noticed that Wil had chosen to sit on the floor beside Zeb, almost close enough to touch.

"Tell me what we're doing here and I'll do what I can to help." Wil said and his attention seemed to be more focused on Zeb than Jody.

Cliff and Todd exchanged a look, but neither said anything. Instead, Cliff turned on the TV and started searching the menu to see if anything interesting were on.

* * * * *

A knock on the door sounded and JD could be heard calling out, "I got it!"

"That should be Ron and Junior. They're our last invited guests, so now the party can really begin." Cliff explained.

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When Andrea and Ares seemed to have disappeared from the face of the Earth...

...at least to anyone outside Brynnhollow...

...someone noticed.

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