This is my little collection of stories that include some stories related to the Clan Short Universe, a variety of FanFiction works and even a few completely original pieces. Please be aware that some of the stories may include same-gender adult situations and naughty language. If you're not offended by such things, please come in and enjoy.


"What's going on in here?" Beth asked as she pushed the stroller past her husband to her customary place at the table.

"Lex and G kinda challenged each other to make copies of themselves while Lucky and I were making Zah Zahs." Paul answered.

"Well, anyone who's interested in having dinner had better take a seat." Beth said simply.

Two of the Gs and both Zah Zahs immediately disappeared in little puffs and poofs.

D smiled with appreciation at his wife's ability to handle such an unexpected situation.

Parvenu: Book 5 - Sun & Air, Chapter 1, has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure. Enjoy! MM

"Sorry I took so long! That shower felt so good that I lost track of time." Charity said as she hurried into the room.

"Your timing couldn't be better. We were just about to begin." Alana said pleasantly, then said more loudly, to be heard by the entire group, "Everyone, go ahead and get started on the evidence review. If you need any help with anything, be sure to speak up and someone will be right there to help you."

That seemed to be all that was needed to set everyone into motion.

"Derek, Charity, hold on. I'm going to have a special job for you."

Fallwell Paranormal Research, Book 3, 'Case#  20160127A ', The Winchell Hotel, Chapter 10 has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

Enjoy! MM Crazed Bunny
Hurt & Comfort

Clark had his full attention focused on Gar, feeling the tiniest jerking movements just under Gar's skin.

He bit his lip, wondering if this was a symptom of the virus, the counter-virus or a manifestation of the battle going on inside the frail boy.

As Clark was about to call Dr. McCoy to check Gar's condition, he noticed something unusual.

Clark closed his eyes, then looked at the boy again, wanting to be sure that it wasn't just some combination of the fluorescent lighting and his tired eyes.

But as he watched, there was no disputing what he was seeing.

Gar was turning green.

Hurt & Comfort, Book 10 - Elusive Comfort, Chapter 16, have been posted in the FanFiction section for you reading pleasure.

Enjoy! MM


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